Liquor Licencing Fee Change for Small Stores

20 Sep 2019

General stores that sell package liquor in the Mackillop Electorate have had a win with the State Government reducing licensing fees for these small businesses.

The independent review of liquor licensing in South Australia undertaken by the Hon. Tim Anderson QC and handed down in 2016, recommended changes to liquor licensing fees through the introduction of a risk-based model.

The new fee structure takes into consideration submissions received by industry bodies to the Government during consultation and focuses on minimising risk and apportioning cost fairly across the industry. As part of the changes, most general stores will transition to a Packaged Liquor sale license.

Nick McBride member for Mackillop said “The fee apportionment approach, I believe, did not adequately differentiate smaller general store style businesses from other larger liquor sales outlets.” said Mr McBride.

“I have advocated to the Attorney General, Vicki Chapman on behalf the general store operators in the electorate to seek a change to liquor licensing fees to ensure that their fees are not increased in line with that of larger liquor retail outlets.”

Mr McBride said “I am pleased that this has resulted in the Attorney General asking the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner to reduce the fees for business of this type from $2,800 to $840, a fee which is similar to the liquor licensing fee they currently pay.”

“I have spoken directly to the store owners that were to be impacted by liquor licensing fees increases, to let them know about the change, this advice has been well received.”

“These general stores are the lifeblood of our smaller towns, they are important local outlets for a range of products and services including liquor sales. Fee increases such as those which were forecast may have meant the end of liquor sales through these outlets.” said Mr McBride.

Stores in the Mackillop electorate which will now avoid the impost of additional licensing fees include the Country Post and Bistro at Glencoe, Nangwarry Serv-Wel, Mt Burr, South End, Padthaway and the Coonawarra General Stores and the Cape Jaffa Caravan Park.

The new fee structure will come into operation in November 2019, but will not apply to existing licences until the annual fee period commencing in mid-2020. The discount will continue to apply to the annual fees of those licensees as long as they continue to trade in the same manner.