Better outcomes sought in opposing the Mining Bill

04 Jul 2019

Member for MacKillop, Nick McBride MP maintained his focus on delivering better outcomes for the agricultural and mining sectors when he voted against the passage of the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018.

Mr McBride joined his three Liberal colleagues, Member for Narungga, Fraser Ellis MP, Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP and the Member for Davenport, Steve Murray MP, as well as the three Independent MP’s - Member for Mount Gambier, Troy Bell, Member for Florey, Frances Bedford, and Member for Frome, Geoff Brock in voting against the Bill.

Despite their opposition, the Bill passed the lower house with the support of Labor.

Mr McBride says the Bill in its current form fell well short of addressing protections and support needed for landholders and had missed opportunities for improvements including reducing red tape for smaller mining enterprises. Mr McBride has vowed to continue to engage with the farming sector and the mining industry to support the development of a more acceptable and fairer mining act.

“I have a strong appreciation of the importance of both mining and agriculture for our state’s economy. Both sectors provide substantial contributions to our state’s GDP, they are significant employers and generators of wealth.”

“I was opposed to the bill due to the lack of consultation, the need for an independent review and the opportunities that have been missed in its current form.”

“I maintain that the Bill would have benefited from community engagement under the eye of the Marshall Liberal Government. A broader review of the Mining Act has been sought by regional communities, the mining sector and their respective peak bodies since the Bill was tabled late last year. A review would provide an opportunity to look at mining legislation from others states and draw on these to help deliver a better framework for the future of mining in South Australia”

Mr McBride says he – and his colleagues - had worked with the Minister for Mining, the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan respectfully and productively, and despite many discussions, there had not been a successful outcome.

“I appreciate that as a Member of the Liberal Government I am able to express my own view. I ultimately could not support a bill that doesn’t achieve a balance between the rights of mining companies and the rights of farmers.”

“This is the beginning, not the end. I will be working with and encouraging the Minister for Mining and my party colleagues to support the Notice of Motion introduced by Independent MP Geoff Brock to establish an Independent Inquiry. We need a more acceptable mining act.”