About Nick

Nick McBride is a local grazier and active community member who is the Liberal member for the seat of MacKillop.

Nick is proud to be part of the Marshall Liberal Team and has the skills and determination to deliver local, regional and State betterment.

Born, raised, living and operating a business in the South East, Nick appreciates first hand local issues and the hardships that regional communities bear over their city counterparts.

Nick is committed to seeking support for regional businesses and families to drive development and grow jobs in the South East.

As a Board member of local agribusiness and not for profit organisations, Nick is known for his energy and enthusiasm. He is determined to fight hard to ensure the region receives it’s fair share of infrastructure spending including much needed funding for roads, mobile phone towers and drainage networks.

An active participant of the local football league, Nick is well connected with the local community and believes listening and engaging with voters at the grassroots level is vital.

Access to good medical treatment, hospitals and health services is vital and improvements to existing facilities is vital for South East residents.

Education is another of Nick’s passions and he believes striving for excellence in this field will maximise opportunities for our children to grow into contributing community members that will enhance the region.

If you have any suggestions, please contact Nick as he is keen to hear your issues and will welcome your contact.